05 Dec 2018
Kams and Coface talk about effective debt collection methods

On November 28, 2018, the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a business breakfast of Coface and KAMS companies, dedicated to the debt collection procedure. The meeting was moderated…

22 Oct 2018
Étienne Épron was the guest of France 24 morning show, Friday 19th of October 2018

Étienne Épron, partner at SAGASSER law firm, was the guest of Philomé Robert on France 24 morning show. He intervened as expert on the international sanctions against Russia.   

18 Oct 2018
Interview on France 24

On Friday, October 19, at 8:30, Étienne ÉPRON, partner at SAGASSER SELAS law firm, will be invited by Philomé ROBERT in the morning show of France 24 for an unprecedented…

24 Sep 2018
Summer 2018 – Skripal case – New US sanctions against Russia

On August 27, 2018, the U.S. Department of State, acting upon the delegation of powers vested by the President of the United States in the executive order n°12851[1], adopted a…

25 Jun 2018
Singapore Tax Regime – Main Principles

Corporate Income Tax (CIT) A company, whether incorporated in Singapore or otherwise, is considered a resident of Singapore for tax purposes if the place of control and management of its business…

19 Apr 2017
#Afrobytes Tech Conference

Sagasser Cabinet d'Avocats will attend the upcoming #AFROBYTES Tech conference on June 8 and 9, 2017. Afrobytes is the first African digital hub in Paris and its mission is to…

10 Aug 2016
Trophy Pro Bono 2016: Sagasser is on the shortlist!  

For the first time, Sagasser Law Firm will proudly be taking part in the annual award competition « Trophées Pro Bono 2016 » organized by the Paris Bar Association (Barreau de Paris). Throughout…

27 Jul 2016
The proportional penalty of 5% for the absence of disclosure of foreign bank accounts is unconstitutional

By decision dated July 22, 2016 (Decision n° 2016-554 QPC), the French Constitutional Court ruled that the provisions of Article 1736, IV of the French Tax Code (“FTC”) which determine…

05 Oct 2015
OECD presents outputs of OECD/G20 BEPS Project recommending reforms to the international tax system for curbing avoidance by multinational entreprises

The OECD presented on 05/10/2015 the final package of measures for a comprehensive, coherent and coordinated reform of the international tax rules[1] which has been discussed by G20 Finance Ministers at their meeting…

10 Mar 2015
European Court of Justice’s decision on non-residents taxation : removal of the social-security contributions of 15,5% on real estate income ?

The contribution of overall 15,5% on real estate income or other income from assets is considered as an unequal treatment for EU non-residents who already are subject to social security…